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  • favourite quotes 2021 ❤
    “What’s your favourite quote and why?” – #bloganuaryday22prompt Since I struggle to give you my favourite quotes and be done with it, I’ll make a top three list. These are not my all-time favs but only those from books I read this past year. #3 “[…] I can so clearly distinguish between the criminal andContinue reading “favourite quotes 2021 <3”
  • January 2022 Setup
    Don’t wait for tomorrow to do something you can do today. Spanish proverb Now that I have included this quote in my post, the “queen of procrastination” aka me, now has to hold herself accountable and not be a hypocrite. ^^ These last weeks I’ve been obsessing and really getting anxious about my final examsContinue reading “January 2022 Setup”
  • Tools to learn a language
    At the moment I am romanticizing learning new languages. At university I have to take Spanish classes so with my German, French and English one could think that I had already enough languages acquired to last me a lifetime. But if studying Spanish taught me one thing, then that learning a language “from scratch” isContinue reading “Tools to learn a language”
  • December 2021 Setup
    As always in my monthly settings, I keep my pages very practical. The first calendar is for my school work. I fill deadlines in where they are due, not the day we got them. This honestly changed my life and I never miss a task. Next to that, I keep my timetable for university. It’sContinue reading “December 2021 Setup”
  • favourite reads of 2021
    This year was very special. Especially regarding my reading habits. I just started my studies last year. Not that long ago school still had a lot to say about what books I read in my free time. “2021 is the year I want to join a book club” was definitely not a resolution I hadContinue reading “favourite reads of 2021”